About us

We are Obsessed for Good Group but our friends call us O4G.

O4G Group is a growth accelerator for tech-enabled professional service entrepreneurs. We are investors who provide capital, strategy and business counsel. Our ecosystem of partners have a shared commitment to enduring impact for their people, their clients and the world.

Obsessed for Good is not just a name; it's our guiding principle.

At our core lies a deep commitment to creating enduring impact. We believe that true success goes beyond financial gains, extending to the betterment of people's lives, our clients' businesses, and the world at large. Our ecosystem of partners is committed to this same mission.

If you are a technology-enabled professional service entrepreneur driven by a passion for making a difference, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can create a lasting impact that goes far beyond conventional measures of success.
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Breakthrough & follow through

Renzi Stone


Renzi is a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the professional services sector. Throughout his career, he has spearheaded numerous growth, scale, and exit initiatives, displaying exceptional skills as a leader and strategist.

Renzi's innovative mindset and vision have been instrumental in revolutionizing the traditional professional services model. He firmly believes that creating an enduring impact involves not only surpassing client expectations but also addressing broader societal needs. It is this belief that led him to establish the Obsessed for Good Group, a collective of firms dedicated to making a lasting and positive difference.

Beyond his contributions in the realm of investments, Renzi actively engages at the board and strategy level. He wholeheartedly supports various organizations and entrepreneurs, lending his expertise and insights to fuel their success. Renzi's involvement with prominent groups like YPO (Young Presidents' Organization) and co-founding the Isaiah Stone Foundation exemplifies his commitment. Renzi's extensive network spans globally, allowing him to connect with diverse individuals and organizations. Combined with his wealth of experience and strong leadership skills, Renzi serves as an ideal investment partner for entrepreneurs seeking guidance and support. He empowers both individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential, propelling them towards sustainable success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Amy Pyles


Amy is a strategic leader with proven track record of operational success. She has helped scale multiple agencies, including Rockfish Digital (now part of VML/Y&R) through their rapid growth and sale to WPP. Amy recognizes that bold vision stops short without smart action. She helps entrepreneurs and clients avoid this pitfall by bringing the necessary structure, operational strategy and long term planning to their businesses. 


Know someone we should talk to?

O4G Group is looking for potential founders all the time. If you know someone who might be a great professional services entrepreneur, simply make an introduction and we will make it worth your if we make a deal.

Ways We Work

We believe the talent is out there right now.

It takes expertise and experience to find potential professional service founders and visionaries. Once they're found, they need more than capital to succeed. When the model is right, we can help entrepreneurs source the perfect partner to complement their vision and help build teams around founders.

Know someone who we should talk to? Talk to us about our referral program.

The global economy is underserved.

There are many sectors of our global economy that are underserved and in need of professional service expertise. The world is going to need more consultants, not less, to help society adjust to fast-evolving technology, economies and markets.

Do you have an idea? Let's talk.

Obsessed for Good Group knows how to grow, scale & exit.

Some firms grow and scale, elite ones will have an opportunity to exit. It's very hard to sell a professional services firm unless you begin with the end in mind.

Do you know a growing profession services firm that needs help growing, scaling or exiting? Let's connect.

Don't go stale.

Thanks to digitization, markets are scaling quickly and it's a race to help businesses figure things out. These markets are new and confusing. Businesses need the guidance and confidence only tech-forward professional services consultancies can provide. O4G's professional services founder partners and firms have the advantage by being as nimble and fast-moving as the market itself.

Interested in exploring what our partnership can provide for your potential firm? Let's discuss.

You can't automate human ingenuity.

Not everyone feels compelled to found a professional services firm. But, when the big idea and model is right, we can help less entrepreneurial visionaries source the perfect partner to complement and realize their vision.

Know someone who we should talk to? Talk to us about our referral program.

O4G Ecosystem

Founder & CHAIRMAN
C. Renzi Stone
Renzi Stone is a seasoned leader and serial entrepreneur. In 2003, he founded Saxum, quickly scaling the agency to over $10MM in revenue. Renzi is an accomplished investor and sought-after advisor for startups and scaling businesses. He is an active member of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and serves on multiple organizational and nonprofit boards. Renzi's vast experience, strong leadership skills, and forward-thinking mindset enable him to unlock the potential of both individuals and organizations around him.
Amy Pyles is an operational expert with a flare for innovation. Prior to joining O4G Group, she lead operations for Rockfish Digital (now part of VML/Y&R) through rapid growth and exit. By blending her business acumen with operational wisdom, Amy has the unique ability to transform visions into realities.
Amy Pyles
C. Renzi Stone
Executive Chairman
Amy Pyles
Sara Walker
Managing Partner, Saxum
Jennifer Monies
Managing Partner, Saxum
Houda Elyazigi
Managing Partner, Saxum
Yaseen Shurbaji
Managing Partner & Co-founder, Prismfly
Jeff Risley
Managing Partner, Rakas
Brittany Thomas
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Zach Gilliam
VP, Technology
Jess Robbins
VP, Business Innovation
Chelsea Watkins
Sr. Director, Operations

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